Accenture Innovation Awards

Fully automated financial analytics on SMEs

Entrepreneurs find money from investors and financiers.
Investors find new investment opportunities and track their current portfolio.
Advisors/accountants can get more information which leads to better advice.

Different stakeholders, different benefits



Sparkholder connects you to investors and financiers in order to raise money. When you already have an investor, you can inform him/her in a fully automated way through our platform by connecting Sparkholder to different web services like your accountancy package or Google Analytics.



Fully automated insight in companies in which you put your money and the possibility to find new investment opportunities is what Sparkholder offers to investors. Banks, financiers and crowdfunders we provide with loan monitoring and credit scoring.



More insight leads to a better advice and thus happier customers. Advisors can upgrade their services using Sparkholder. Communication, consultation and benchmarking; Sparkholder provides you with a toolset to improve your advice.

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